Citizen’s First Campaign on Drinking Water and Sanitation Accountability

Scaling pilots at City level

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O&M of School Toilets

After the family, schools are most important places of learning for children; they have a central place in the community. Schools are a stimulating learning environment for children and stimulate or initiate change. If sanitary facilities in schools are available, they can act as a model, and teachers can function as role models. Schools can also influence communities through outreach activities, since through their students, schools are in touch with a large proportion of the households in a community

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WATSAN intern report

The extent and pace of urbanization that has been taking place in India, most of the municipal governments are unequipped physically, fiscally, politically and administratively to tackle the problems of providing the basic infrastructure services to their people. The service delivery of urban services was inefficient and often inadequate to support ever increasing population levels.

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